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Brain-Mind Connection Links

A collection of links to other pages where the discussion of consciousness is also going on.

These links are in no particular order, although I have made an attempt to group similar sites, such as the holographic pages. If you have suggestions for other links you'd like to see here, please e-mail me.

small green square Ceptual Institute Home Page

At his site, James N. Rose brings together much of the work of others from various fields with particular attention to innovative empirical research on consciousness. The site is primarily concerned with introducing Rose's Integrity Paradigm. The integrity of a system depends upon how much information an organization can deal with and still maintain it's existance or adapt to the situation.

Ruminating over this kind of thing also leads, of course, to the study of complexity and what drives multi-threaded processes. Rose has a substantial list of links to other web sites with a similar interest which he calls Mindways and is beginning to put up information about the work of Bernard Baars.

small green squareDavid Chalmers' Home Page

At the Univeristy of Indiana, David Chalmers studied under Douglas Hofstadter of Godel, Escher, Bach fame. He is now at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and describes himself as a philosopher of the mind.

His site contains many of his papers as well as an excellent list of links to resources related to consciousness and cognitive psychology.

small green squareWilliam Calvin's Bookshelf

Calvin is a neurophysiologist at the University of Washington who has written a number of books on mind and consciousness. This page is his "Brain" bookshelf, and summarizes his books as well as others he likes.

small green squareShuffleBrain

Paul Pietsch, Professor Emeritus at Indiana University, writes about his research with moving about salamander parts and how the results of his studies relat to "how the brain stores mind."

small green squareThe Holographic Universe

This is Amazon's page for the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

small green squareHologram Communication Theory

Debbie West has put her paper addressing the question "How can communication be applied using the laws of physics?" on her web site.

small green squareTowards a Science of Consciousness: The First Tucson Discussions and Debates

The Tuscon conference in April of 1994 was "the first major gathering devoted to the emerging interdisciplinary field of Consciouness Studies." This volume is a sampling of the papers presented there. Published by the MIT Press, you may read about the contents and contributorsat the MIT Press site. The second conference was held in April of 1996, and this second volume, Toward a Science of Consciousness II contains papers from that gathering. Details of this second volume's contents and contributors can be found at the MIT Press site.

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