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I do plan to put up some reader responses about their experiences with the two different platforms, but in the meantime, you can't go wrong checking out what the Interactive Comparison Site for a vast array of information about these two love-them-or-leave them platfoms.

Looking for studies and surveys about the two different plattforms? You'll find some here.

Looking for comparisons of the operating systems of the two platforms? You'll find it here.

Looking for a self-test you can take to see if you're a Mac person or a PC person? There's a good one here. To no great surprise to me, I got 775 points for the PC and 2225 points for the Mac, which translates into 26 percent of the points for PC features and 74 percent of the points for Mac features. Um, yes, I think I'll stick with my venerable Quadra 950.

If you care to let us know your reasons for using one program over another, I will be happy to post your opinion here -- eventually. E-mail the editor.

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