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I bet you thought Pagemaker was a layout and design program, didn't you? Well, wake up and notice the game -- yes, game -- you can play with Pagemaker. Marc Zeeder, who has created the Pagemaker Script web site referred to below in the article PageMaker Scripting for Non-Programmers has really outdone himself this time!

Play TicTacToe with Pagemaker, compliments of Marc's script, downloadable at his site. For more specific details about how to use the script, a copy of his press release below gives you all the information you need to know to start your Pagemaker gaming today!

The down side of all this fun and games is that you have to have Pagemaker 6.5, and I've resolved not to upgrade my Pagemaker ever again until Adobe gets the message that we really need footnoting capability in Pagemaker.

Egads! I did it. Actually used that infernal blinking text on my page. Driven to the unspeakable by the lack of footnoting in Pagemaker!

For Immediate Release!

You've been waiting for it. Drooling at the mouth. Just itching to challenge your favorite DTP application in a battle of wits.

Your prayers have been answered.

It is finally here:

The World's First Game for PageMaker!

Spawning a new genre of scripts and plug-ins, the PageMaker Scripting Center is proud to announce a version of the classic board game "Tic Tac Toe" completely written in Adobe PageMaker's incredible scripting language.

It works with any version of Adobe PageMaker 6.5, Mac or Windows.

"Absolutely amazing. Quark has nothing like this," says Tom Gull, jealous XPress user. "I'm rushing out to buy that competitive upgrade right now."

It's true -- no more pretending to work -- now you can play games within PageMaker!

"If this is successful, perhaps there'll be a whole series of games," commented Tic Tac Toe programmer Marc Zeedar. "I can envision Connect Four, Battleship, Hangman.... The potential is enormous."

The script is simple to use -- just stick it in your scripts folder and double-click to play. The script creates a new document, draws the board, and prompts you for moves. Grab your FREE copy in the Script Library of the PageMaker Scripting Center now!

This completely TAN waste of time is brought to on Casual Dress Friday.


NOTE: There are a few new useful scripts in the Script Library -- like "Tab Columns," which sets up tabs for multiple columns, and "Insert Dingbat," which inserts a square bullet at the cursor position and resets the font back to whatever you started with.

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