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Plate 5 Images on Acetate

Kathy Kinnaman tells me she loves the direct-to-paper (DTP) technique for creating backgrounds and she's put it to very good use to create these beautiful cards with Whiskey Creek acetate images.

Railroad Bridge

Railroad Bridge

To create the background for the acetate image, spray water on glossy cardstock and then put pieces of colored tissue paper over the top of the wet paper. The colors bleed onto the glossy paper. Then dry the whole mess with the heat gun.

I now had this pretty paper, so I just glued the acetate image onto it.

Then mount this on Navy-colored cardstock and cut a narrow border around the picture. Color-coordinated DTP was used behind the picture at an angle, then the entire thing mounted on Navy cardstock.

Trio of Naturalists

Trio of Naturalists

I love this picture!

I grabbed some previously-made DTP, and glued on the acetate image.

This was mounted on a coral-colored cardstock that had been edged with deckle scissors.

This was mounted at an angle onto black cardstock that had been sprayed with gold webbing.

A black button glued on to appear that it is "holding the picture up" by a corner. Then all is mounted onto plain black cardstock.

Juno with Peacock

Juno with Peacock

Again, I grabbed a piece of DTP that I'd made previously. The piece I used had sweeping lines of a darker-colored ink. I thought it complemented this picture of Juno nicely, because of the sweeping lines drawn in the stamp itself.

Before gluing the image of Juno onto the cardstock, I put my heating gun over the middle of the DTP to melt the UTEE so I could press a frame stamp into the surface. Gold- colored fairie dust was brushed into the indentations of the frame stamp so it would show up.

Behind the DTP is a terracotta cardstock, embossed with a gold-colored swirl pattern.

Lastly, it is all mounted on brick-colored cardstock and glued a gold-toned button with a black velvet center to the card to draw attention to the bird in the picture

Male Angel

Male Angel

I used a piece of DTP that I'd done sometime earlier. Right before melting the UTEE, I sprinkled some turquoise-colored fairie dust over the page.

The acetate is glued onto the DTP. Then the page is mounted on black cardstock, and then on turquoise-colored cardstock.

Gold-colored filigree corners were applied with glue.



Paint crystal lacquer on the backside of the acetate. Put drops of dye-based ink into the crystal lacquer and swirled them together.

Crumple gold tissue paper up and place on the backside of the acetate image. Later (when all is dry), mount the acetate image on black cardstock, then onto black cardstock that had been sprayed with the gold webbing. That was mounted on black cardstock again.

Finally, mount the entire series of layers on black cardstock that has been brushed with gold- colored fairie dust. Then spray a fixative on the card to keep the dust attached.

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