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Postcards by Sarah Fishburn-Gerety

Sarah has created some absolutely gorgeous postcards from Whiskey Creek's acetate images, stamps, and the gameboard of our Alphabet Solitaire. When I asked her permission to put her cards in my gallery, I also asked her for a bit of description about how her muse got her where she went.

Ophelia printed on acetate

Ophelia postcard

With Ophelia, I thought it would look good to make transparent windows and decided to use grommets (as opposed to adhesive) for added color and texture. The Juliet transparpency is layered over a collage I did with among other things, Whiskey Creek's water pitcher image, which was layered over an artist book page I had already done.

Farmgirl stamp on matte card stock

Farmgirl postcard

With the Farm Girl, while I do agree with you that those images show up most clearly on glossy stock, and I did take your suggestion to use the brayer, I wanted to experiment, so stamped onto a sort of naturey photo montage on a matte text weight paper. Although it's dark, still it gave the effect I wanted.

Segment of the Alphabet Solitaire gameboard

Alphabet Solitaire postcard

With the Alphabet Solitaire, I just wanted to do the "kiss" thing for Valentine's Day. the background color is chalk, and actually, it's my favorite.

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