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Janice Bryant

Alphabet Solitaire

Alphabet Solitaire

Janice decorated the front of her gameboard with stamps she had carved herself, except for the "wrinkled" look on the light areas. This she says is a stamp from Stamper's Anonymous (Creative Block).

The borders on the main gameboard and the card backs (the side with the lowercase letters) were decorated to match the front of the game with the same stamps. The interiors of the gameboard squares were done with the same Stamper's Anonymous stamp.

To get the two different colors on the background of the gameboard and the cards, she copied the game onto plain text paper and cut out the cards, using them as masks on the gameboard. She applied the card masks with rubber cement so she could peel off the glue when she removed the masks.

For the background, she used the direct-to-paper technique with the foliage green Colorbox with five shades. She overprinted with Vivid Green and Printworks Citrus Green, and ended up overprinting with Encore Champagne.

Then she removed the card masks and used colored pencils to decorate the animals. To finish off the cards, she used Colorbox parchment and amber on the spaces and filled in the veins with Colorbox copper. The X card is a "pick your own word" card, and Janice used and X-ray stamp of a fish designed by a friend of hers, Chris Burnett.

On the fronts of the cards (the side with the animal words) she used alphabets carved by Kerrie Carbury or Turtle Press and Larry Angelo.

For the backs of the cards, she overprinted in the dye-based greens she had used for the rest of the gameboard. She comments that the "limited color scheme seemed to be the best idea to me." Limited? I think I've gotten fancy when I tamp two colors on my backgrounds with Colorbox petals.

Alphabet Solitaire

Alphabet Solitaire

Janice used a gold-leafing pen to outline the title on the front and to "add some flash to the alphabet letters the gnomes are carrying." And to add some life to the reclusive cat in the cupboard.

What's more, Janice says she enjoys the game -- once she could cut the cards apart and play with them!

Alphabet Solitaire

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