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Child Feeding Cat

category: children

catalog number: 1-1-1-F

series number 1

size: 3.75 inches by 3 inches

child feeding cat

About this Image:

....I could at least bark if he should pick up that dreadful knife. So I stayed close by him; and it was a good thing that I did, for presently that cat climbed up on the back of his chair, rubbed herself, purring, all around his neck, and, I am quite certain, whispered something in his ear. He instantly drew the sugar-bowl toward him, pulled out a lump, and offered it to her. To do her justice, she refused to take it, but you ought to have seen her grin when he popped it into his own mouth!

I barked as hard as I could, and said just what I thought about that cat, and about their leaving him alon....And of course I could not make them understand where she had been, although I tried to with all my might. I never can get used to people's being so stupid about what I wish to tell them: I am sure I speak quite as plainly as Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jake do, and nobody pretends not to understand THEM.

From a children's book titled Under the Dog-Star, ca. 1900.

price: $12.00


Medium. This stamp has a lot of area to cover evenly with ink, and the darkness of the cat next to the child can make getting a good image tricky, but not overly difficult.

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