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Writing Table

category: furnishings

catalog number: 1-1-8-C

series number 1

size: 2.25 inches by 2.25 inches

writing table

About this Image:

This [writing-table] is of much simpler make, and, beside, does not offer to make itself so useful. The writing-shelf either lifts up, or, if preferred, the space beneath it is got at by a drawer. Then the back of the case is made useful by several small drawers. These can either run through, from side to side, or they can be made only half the width of the case, and the space opposite them can be left free for a tall book or two.

From a book by Clarence Cook titled The House Beautiful/, ca. 1880.

price: $6.00


Easy. Even in the dark areas of the image the lines remain crisp.

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