Whiskey Creek's

Shire Stallion Canute

category: animals

catalog number: 2-2-8-D

series number 2

size: 3.75 inches by 2.75 inches


About this Image:

Canute won first prize at the Cambridgeshire Show in 1883...and has since been standing at Dunsmore. He has proved himself a most successful sire, his stock having won thirty first and second prizes during the past year at the London and other Shire-horse and agricultural shows. He is a dark liver-colored chestnut, and stands over seventeen hands high, on short legs, measuring only 2 ft. 4 in. from his chest to the ground. He has immense substance and bone, beautiful hair, and is an excellent mover.

From She Prairie Farmer, 9 April 1887.

price: $12.00


One of our visitors to our online gallery (which we no longer have up) e-mailed us that she thought this stallion would make a good stamp -- and we agreed.

We really do value your suggestions for stamps and hope to expand the gallery to give our visitors more images to mull over and recommend for stamps!

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