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Ben Listens to Uncle Amri's Lecture

category: boys

catalog number: 3-3-4-B

series number 3

size: 1.25 inches by 3 inches

boy leaning agains post

About this Image:

.... "Bank's bu'sted, has it?" said Uncle Amri, with a grim chuckle.

Ben felt that the word was very objectionable, and the chuckle could scarcely be understood to express sympathy; but there wan an expression in the keen blue eyes that looked out of Uncle Amri's weather-beaten, backed-apple-like face which emboldened Ben to proffer his request....He told Ben that if he expected to get his money back in any way from all those borrowers, he was a simpleton; and he entered upon quite a long converstation, in which Ben, leaning shamefacedly against the post of the kitchen steps, had to endure a great many uncomplimentary remarks. But at the close of his "leetle lecture," as Uncle Amri called it, he did lend to his downcast nephew the money he sought....

From "A Great Financial Scheme" in St. Nicholas Magazine, September, 1885.

price: $8.00

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