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Boy and Girl

Sitting Before the Chimney

category: children

catalog number: 3-3-5-D

series number 3

size: 2.5 inches by 3.25 inches

children sitting on bench

About this Image:

Peeping through the open door, I saw sitting before the chimney, where a little fire was burning, a boy and girl who made me think of Mike and Biddy, only they were a size or two larger. The boy's shoes and stockings were off, and he was sticking out his little bare feet to warm them, for, though the day had been warm, the evening was chilly and damp...so, to make these children feel sure that I was not mad, I went up to them very gently and quietly, and instead of barking to make them notice me, I did two or three of my tricks: I walked on my hind legs, and sat up and begged, and offered them my hand.

Note: Yes, this is a dog's perspective of the scene. The writer here is Jock, our dog with the glasses and inkwell.

From Under the Dog Star by Margaret Vandergrift, dated 1900.

price: $12.00

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