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Belle Isoude

category: women

catalog number: 3-3-8-B

series number 2

size: 1.25 inches by 2.5 inches

Belle Isoude

About this Image:

Tristram's only request was that he could bid the Lady Isoude farewell. This the king granted.

"Sir," said Tristram, "I thank you for your goodness" and he sought the fair Isoude to take his leave of her. Then he told her who he was; how for the love of his uncle he had done battle to free the people of Cornwall from the tribute; how in order to be healed of his wound he had to come to this country.

He told her again of his love for her, and his sorrow at parting.

"O gentle knight!" said Isoude, "I am also full of woe, for I never loved any one as I love thee; but I promise that I will not marry unless with your consent, and that I will wait for you many years."

"And now farewell!" said Sir Tristram, and he kissed her tenderly, and gave her a ring, and she gave him another that she wore. Then they sorrowfully parted....

Embellishment from Tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table by Margaret Vere Farrington, 1888.

price: $8.00

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