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Fan Puzzle

category: accessory

catalog number: 4-5-9-C

series number 4

size: 2 inches by 2.5 inches

fan puzzle

About this Image:

There are in this puzzle twelve words, each containing seven letters. From 14 to 2, to lap over; from 15 to 3, to effuse; from 16 to 4, to note carefully; from 17 to 5, to step beyond; from 18 to 6, a sea-port town of Italy; from 19 to 7, pertaining to the Empire of Turkey; from 20 to 8, without study of preparation; from 21 to 9, gross injury; from 22 to 10, one who holds an office; from 23 to 11, the wife of Mark Antony; from 24 to 12, a station at a distance from the main body of an army; from 25 to 13, an affront. The row of figures from 14 to 25 all represent the same letter. The row of figures from 2 to 13 represent letters which spell a word meaning to overpower by weight.

St. Nicholas Magazine, May 1883

Please note this is an unmounted stamp. Price: $6.00 plus shipping.

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