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Juno with Peacock

category: mythology

catalog number: 4-5-7-D

series number 4

size: 2 inches by 3 inches

Juno with peacock

About this Image:

Now Argus was in despair. He knew that Juno would be very angry. At first, he thought he would run away and hide. But then he would be a coward. He was too proud to be a coward. So at last he went to Juno and told her. She was very, very angry. First of all she looked for the cow everywhere. She could not find her. So she said to Argus, "You are a fine fellow to watch a cow, are you not? Why, my peacock would see more with his two eyes than you do with your hundred eyes. "I believe I will just take your eyes away from you and sprinkle them on my peacock's tail. He will make more use of them than you do." So she did and the peacock still has them, all over his tail.

"How The Peacock got the Eyes in his Tail," Lippincott's Second Reader, 1912

price: $12.00

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