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Lady Northumberland

Lady Northumberland from Shakespeare's King Henry IV, Part 2, has a dark dress and dark hair, so I tried to figure out a way to soften the darkness.

I decided to try Radiant Pearls on the acetate, realizing I would have to emboss the Radiant Pearls to get them dry on a non-absorbant surface like acetate. I have a basic set of primary colors in Radiant Pearls (Christmas Rose, Sapphire on Ice, Frosty Pine, Miners Nugget, Oyster Shell, and Golden White) and mix whatever shade I need. Yes, I'm Radiant-Pearl deprived, but since I am never able to follow directions to the letter, mixing my own shades seems to fit my work habits.

Besides playing with acetate, embossing is one of my favorite stamping techniques. I find myself using my clear detail embossing powder with many of my cards and collages -- mostly because I use glossy cardstock so much!

I bought an old hat an an antique mall because it was one of those pillbox styles popular in the late 40s and 50s, completely covered with feathers. And it cost $2. Most of the feathers were dyed green, golden yellow, and taupe, with a few strands of white throughout.

As I pulled the hat apart to separate the feathers from the moth-eaten felt they had been glued to, I discovered the white clusters were strands of ostrich feathers which had beed taped together into bunches. As I unwound the disintegrating tape, I was delighted to find the separate wisps of ostrich feather absolutely magical. They make wonderful additions to hanks of fibers!

Lady Northumberlad was created from the image printed on overhead acetate, the same type I use in printing the Whiskey Creek Plate Sampler.

Shakespeare's Lady Northumberland



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