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Shakespeare's Women

As a book designer, I have collected old books for images to use in my work for over ten years. These old etchings and line drawings were works or art created laboriously by hand with great attention to detail. I am always amazed at the life a line here or a line there can bring to a drawing.

When I look at the lines in these old etchings all I can think about is how no one is able to commit the time and dedication to create images like these any more. We rely too much on computers to shape our art and computers to save us time, with little memory of what it used to take to create even one drawing in a book.

I feel that I am preserving the art of these images by using them in my book design work. Yet I wanted some way to make these wonderful old images available to wider audience than those buying the books I designed.

When I saw the set of Shakespeare's illustrated works in an antique mall, I knew I would some day use these images to create cards or a poster or some work of art. When a friend suggested stamping to me, I was still thinking of cards or posters. When she suggested it the second time, I heard her. And Whiskey Creek Stamps was born!

By now you may be asking where the Shakespeare stamps are. I have used many of the images from this set of books in my design work, but the 17 women here are not true etchings or line drawings like the others. I found I needed to practice how to manipulate an image to get one that translated into a good rubber stamp. I wasn't yet ready to tackle these 17 images of Shakespeare's women.

In the meantime, I discovered the wonders of acetate and found that I could print these images out on acetate and create wonderful cards with them. My plans are to offer the set of sixteen images on acetate until I can perfect my technique enough to create rubber stamps from them.

All 17 of Shakespeare's Women are now available in acetate! But you might want to check out the samples in my gallery and see just what wonderful things you can do with these images.

And now I have three more of Shakeseare's women, but this time I used the acetate images in collages, a form that seems to really resonate with my penchant for saving scraps of this and bags of that.

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