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I started out writing essays about why I have chosen to make my catalog free to stampers. Before long I was commenting on some of the things that come up on the stamping lists. After all, since I am new to stamping, I was brazenly doing things stampers weren't supposed to do, like embossing with dye inks.

Then there were those trial by fire hilarious moments which aren't so hilarious as you live them but seem to hysterically funny in the retelling. The dog ate your prize collage because in the thrill of creating you grabbed up a dog biscuit and glued it to your work of art. The baby barfed all over your mother-in-law's birthday card.

So you will find a variety of tales here, from the purely newsy to the painfully familiar trials of all of us who put rubber to paper.

triple blue squareThe Joys of Collage

triple blue squareThe Ties That Bind

triple blue squareWhiskey Creek's Peel and Play Plates

triple blue squareTo COMM or Not to COMM

triple blue squareThe Prairie Stamper

triple blue squareChimney Sweep Stamps

triple blue squareMounted vs. Unmounted

triple blue squareInk Pad Revival

triple blue squareTag Art

triple blue squareFun Foam Foibles

triple blue squareWhatever Happened to Series 3

triple blue square Confessions of a Stamp Manufacturer

triple blue squareTechniques for Working with Highly Detailed Stamps

triple blue squareOur Philosophy on Free

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