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The Animal-Wise Tarot

by Ted Andrews

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Discover the Language of Animals!

All traditioins taught the significance of Nature -- particularly of the animals crossing our paths, whether we are awake or dreaming. Use The Animal-Wise Tarot to develop your intuition, strengthen your connection to the animal world, and to find answers to some of life's most puzzling questions.

Nature speaks to us everyday, but people have forgotten how to listen. As part of Nautre, our psyches are primally tied to her and the animals within this world. Periodically throughout our lives, nature tries to remind us of our connections by gifting us with animal encounters. Learn to communicate with animals more clearly and deepen your perceptions and perspectives on life. Now those encounters can finally be understood!

Drawing upon estensive experience with wildlife education and rehabilitation and more than 30 years of studying and teaching the mystical and psychic, Ted Andrews has created a powerful tool in The Animal-Wise Tarot for divining possibilities for the future and gaining insight on a single day, a month, or a year.

Whether an experienced tarot enthusiast, a shamanic practitioner, or a novice to psychic exploration, the tarot's clarity and ease of use will be a refreshing surprise. Anyone can use this tarot effectively from the moment it is opened and you will find yourself becoming truly animal-wise!

Table of Contents

Major Arcana Card XVIII: The Wolf

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