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by Ted Andrews

Understanding Animal Encounters

If we wish to truly become animal-wise, we must also blend the science with the spirit. We can study the metamorphic process of moths and butterflies and understand it scientifically, but we should also marvel at the handiwork of the Divine in a creature tha can transform itself from caterpillar to butterfly....

There are many types of animal encounters. This is importnat to understand, especially in the modern world where many people live within urban environments. Even in these urban environments there are a great many animal species that can be met....

The animals are around us, no matter where we live, and so we are likely to have encounters, but they do not necessarily have to be face-to-face encounters. Every shanamic society taught that if we dream of an animal, it is the same as meeting it face-to-face when awake. It should be treated just as signficantly. Maybe every time we turn on the television, there is a program on a particular animal. We open a magazine and there are photos of it. We can have a variety of encounters, and when we have several of them within a close time frame, we should pay attention....

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