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Music Therapy for Non-Musicians

by Ted Andrews

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Dragonhawk Publishing,

P.O. Box 1316,

Jackson, TN 38302-1316, or

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Explore the Power of Sound of Music

Did you know that waltz rhythms can ease indigestion? Or that baroque music is good for the heart? Did you know that a minuet can help ease respiratory problems? Music is truly one of the most powerful healing forces available to us today. Whether a practicing musician or one who knows nothing about music, each of us can benefit from the healing wonders of sound and music.

Music Therapy for Non-Musicians is a handbook for healing with sound, music, and voice. It contains simple and effective music therapies for all of the major body systems:

  • Learn the basic principles of holistic health and music therapy.

  • Explore simple sound and music healing tools everyone can use.

  • Discover how to combine sound and music with color, fragrance, and movement.

  • Develop your own healing abilities.

  • Uncover the hidden causes of imbalances for the major systems of the body.

  • Identify emotions and mental attitudes which can aggravate imbalances.

  • Understand the powers and benefits of music.

    It has been said that to be a child is to be open enough to hear the elves whispering within our ears. It is to know the angels sing everyday for each of us. But to hear the whispers of the elves and the songs of the angels, we must first be able to hear the song within our own hearts. When we open to the healing power of sound and music, our hearts open like a child's and ring forth our own sacred songs!

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