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Excerpt from Simplified Magic: Pathworking and the Tree of Life

by Ted Andrews

Entering the Tree of Life

The mystical Qabala is one of the most ancient of all the mystery traditions. There exists much argument over its true origin, as does the origin of any oral tradition. Qabala comes from the word qibel which means "to receive" or "that which is received," and it is aligned with those mystical teachings that were only passed down by word of mouth. The Qabala is rich in powerful symbolism. Almost every major civilization has utilized aspects of the Qabala and its primary image, the Tree of LIfe. Most of the tradition which comes down to us today retains strong threads to the ancient Egyptian and Hebrew traditions. As will be seen, it is not necessary for us to be fluent in Egyptian or Hebrew or any of the ancient languages and traditions to understand work with the Qabala. At the heart of the Qabalistic teachings is the diagram of the Tree of Life with its symbolic representation to the treasures of the universe -- magickal and material. It is a symbol rich in rewards for those who have the keys for unlocking it. These keys are part of what this book will provide. The Tree of Life diagram can be viewed from different perspectives. For our purposes, we will examine it from two. The first deals more with the philosophy and consmology of the Qabala, while the second relates more to pragmatic applicaitons. Most of our focused work will be connected to the second. On one level, the symbolism of the Tree of Life depicts how the universe was formed. The universe issued forth out of what is called nothingness, some primal point form which we came and to which we will return. While we are in the physical state we can know nothing about it, and thus it is called nothingness. The universe came forth out of the Nothingess and underwent nine stages of manifestation -- nine states of compacting, condensing, and channeling of divine energy -- to manifest in a tenth state encompassing all of the material universe, all matter and life upon the earth. This can be compared to the process of condensing steam into water and then into ice. It is still two parts hydrogen and one part onygen, but it has condensed into solid matter. The universe, including ourselves, is spiritual, divine energy that has densified into physical matter. This process of manifestation into material being is known as The Path of the Flaming Sword. However, the Tree of Life reflects more than just the process that the universe underwent ot come into being; it is also a map of the human mind through the labyrinth of the subconscious. The subconscious mind controls over 90 percent of the body's funcitons and has many level swithin it. Each level of the subconscious controls different psysiological functions, organs, and abilities. Each of the ten stages or levels, know as a Sephira in the Qabala, represents a temple of the mind or a level of the subconscious mind to which we have access. Each temple or level of consciousness has its own gifts and unique benefits, from controlling physiological functions to stimulating artistic energies to communicating with animals and more. By focusing on each level, we can connect more fully and with a specific aspect of the Divine, communicating with a specific archangel or group of angelic beings. Through each level we can experience and understand specific astrological influencs within our life. By using the Tree of Life, we learn to consciously bridge our normal waking consciousness with the more subtle realms and temples of the subconscious mind. We can awaken and manifest our most innate and forgotten abilities, developing more tangible links to subtle and ethereal realms, dimensions, beings, and energies once throught beyond our reach. And we learn to access them whenever we desire to whatever degree we desire!

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