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Treasures of the Unicorn:

The Return to the Sacred Quest

by Ted Andrews

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In this book, Ted Andrews, an internationally recognized author, storyteller, teacher, and mystic, explores the unicorn theme in cultures throughout the world. The sacred quest of the unicorn is the seeking of our lost wonder, and the secret to all sacred quests is that those who search will find what they seek.

As one reviewer notes, "Beautifully designed and's an enchanting work that will light up your bookshelf."

Introduction: The Unicorn Prophecy

Chapter 1: The Wonders of the Unicorn

Chapter 2: Sacred Secrets

Chapter 3:The Alicorn's Magic

Chapter 4:The Eastern Unicorn

Chapter 5:The Lion and the Unicorn

Chapter 6: The Unicorn and Christ

Chapter 7: The Unicorn's Companions

Chapter 8: The Alchemical Mysteries

Conclusion: The Sacred Quest of the Unicorn

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Sacred Secrets

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