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Links Related to Civil and Individual Rights Issues

I've listed the sites I've linked to in my various pages on these Banana Republics in The Heartland pages. I will add other helpful sites and I find them.


HALT, an organization for legal reform, working to bring about affordability and equal access of all citizens to the justice system.

National Whistleblower Center, a site concentrating on information about the law and protections for those who report their employers for legal violations.

The publications page of the United States Commission on Civil Rights is especially helpful.

Information on the False Claims Act

The American Legal Network provides a definition of whistleblowing and how the term relates to the False Claims Act.

A history of the False Claims Act and how these types of suits became known as qui tam can be found at the Warren and Benson the James T. Ratner, and the Kenney-0'Shea websites .

Helpful Legal Information Sites

FindLaw bills itself as a site about law, lawyers, and legal resources, and does a good job of covering this wide area. You can search cases by topic and there is a legal dictionary.

Law.Com is another very good source of legal information for the lay person. Directed primarily at lawyers and law students, much of the information is available to the public, including the legal newswire and a legal dictionary.

For information on law in the state of Minnesota, check out Law Moose, which calls itself the "window to the Minnesota Legal Community."

The Legal Information Institute is another good source of information on various types of law what is going on in the legal community, from a national and worldwide perspective. General legal information can also be found at the Free Advice web site.

Articles Referred to in Discussion

William R. Thornton. Republic vs. Democracy .

Adam S. Lurie. Revisiting *Who Is Guarding the Guardian?:* A Report on Police Practices and Civilt Rights in America

Adam S. Lurie"Ganging Up on Police Brutality: Municipal Liability for the Unconstitutional Actions of Multiple Police Officers Under 42 U.S.C. § 1983."

David C. Grossack, Suing Your Federal Government for Civilt Rights Violations .

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