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Graphic Design Survey

Trudy Cole-Zielanski, Professor of Graphic Design at James Madison University, developed this survey to help determine what skills an entry-level graphic design professional must have upon graduation to compete in the marketplace.

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Pagemaker 7 Wishlist

Gordon Woolf of the Worsley Press, who publishes Newsletter Production Using PageMaker, put together a survey to track what features PageMaker list members want to see in the next software upgrade.

PageMaker users are invited to visit Gordon's survey site and vote for the features they most want to see in the next software upgrade. Even though it appears Adobe is going to morph Pagemaker into something else, there's still a spot to register your vote for the features you'd like to see in whatever the next generation of Pagemaker is going to be.

Our vote -- screamingly, foot-through-the-door, in-your-face, attention-grabbing -- goes for



We're up to version 2 plus something in InDesign, and there is still no footnoting capability worth mentioning, it seems. So the sign is still blinking.

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The O.K. Corral

There are still rumblings about the old flames between Quark and Pagemaker users, or, er...InDesign users, or between Apple and pc users, but they've seemed to have subsided a bit in these past years.

Probably because the old differences we all love are being homogenized into one size fits all, including, alas, the latest linux-based mac operating system. And the vulnerability to ever sneakier viruses.

In any case, here's some old stuff from earlier days when the difference between the white hats and the black hats was more pronounced.

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