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Document Design Online Journal served a purpose in the early internet days when the web was just taking shape, documenting some of the changes that were coming down the pike. All that is history, now, as the web has matured into a shape that ever morphs into something else, often bigger, buggier, and less user friendly, especially to those of us who prefer to use something tried, true, and rarely destructive to our stable operating systems.

No longer is there much of a wish list for Pagemaker 7 since Adobe has decided to abandon the loyal users of Pagemaker, some who remember version 1, as it frantically tries to capture the Quark lovers with InDesign. Adobe has treated loyal Pagemaker users abominably. Their marketing people evidently don't understand customer loyalty.

Nifty sites like onelist have been gobbled up by e-groups, and now e-groups by yahoo in one of the most abominable, unthinking takeovers I've ever observed.

Web browsers have become greater and greater memory hogs as companies keep making them try to be all things to all people. When will they catch on that no one is really interested in another bell and whistle. All they really want is reliable performance.

The in rags are bemoaning the demise of the bubble. But no one seems to notice that the real winners here are the little guys. The ones who have taken this wonderful medium and made it work for them without shoving all kinds of bloated technology down the throats of those who visit their sites.

I've left the material up here because, well, I can. The book review section I continue to add to and maintain, including reviews of hopelessly old books. Many of these are available online as used books, and frankly, some of them will never outgrow their usefulness. There are those who still dare to speak of Elements of Style after 50 years.

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Book Reviews

This is where the action is on Document Design Online Journal. You saw it here first, but HotWired's Mind Grenades was on Barnes & Noble's $1 table some time ago. Yes!

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The Brain-Mind Connection

The whole issue of how we create, whether as writers or graphic designers, has always interested me. Here you will find book reviews about creativity and consciousness, halographic memory, string theory, and more, as they say in the ad biz.

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What's the difference between the editorials in this section and the articles below? Sometimes a very fine line. Mostly, though, the editorials have more personal opinion in them than the articles.

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Some of these articles are conversational; some are, well, academic.

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These articles may still have useful information in them, but for one reason or another are no longer current. The Pagemaker 6 Wishlist is now the Pagemaker 7 Wishlist, but hey, loyal users are still waiting for nifty things like a real footnote capability.

Oh, about King Henry's Katherine. One of Whiskey Creek Document Design's vintage etchings.

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