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Creating Web Pages Simplifed

by Marangraphics

Creating Web Pages Simplified cover Creating Web Pages Simplified is the Dick and Jane version of how the web works, and to tell you the truth, it provides a nice change of pace from the barge genre. If there's a concept to web pages you can't quite grasp, pictures can sometimes help. And because each page is so full of very good graphics -- graphics with a purpose that tell a story -- I find the book useful and a truly welcome break from most web books. (The revised version is due out 1 January 1997).

The little buggy-eyed disk icon, modern day equivalent of Dick or Jane, doesn't do a lot for me as a character, but then I remember the real Dick and Jane. This little disk character moves from page to page pointing to the important stuff. But the pages are so well designed and so inviting that I can almost forget how annoying I find the froggy eyes.

The truly impressive part of this book is its graphicalness. As a document designer myself, I look at the page and think geeeze...the size of the files to output these pages must be mind-boggling. In fact, I suspect the major problem with this book is that it makes the process of creating web pages look so easy users are almost bound to become frustrated when they actually try making their own web pages.

While it's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, this book demonstrates the principle, covering the same range of topics as in the 800-page tomes in only 200 pages.

Hat's off the MaranGraphics!

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