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When you're new to stamping, it's hard to decide what to try first and of course, it's a bit difficult to avoid buying one of everything. But eventually we all find the medium we like best. It's taken me a while, but I have discovered that acetate is what I love to play with.

When I say acetate, I'm really talking about anything that comes in clear plastic sheets you can stamp on and then decorate. I find this material lends itself well to a number of things that appeal to my collage mind. I've used cold laminate -- the sheets of clear plastic with a white paper on the back which can be peeled off, leaving a sticky surface to adhere things to. There are a number of brands, some costing more than others. Some stampers prefer clear contact paper for these kinds of projects. Then there's the clear plastic that is run through copier machines to make overheads, those slides projected on the wall for keeping you focused on whatever the speaker is droning on about.

With both kinds of material, stampers generally use permanent ink and stamp the image on the top side. If they are using cold laminate, they can color the image and then remove the white paper backing and adhere all kinds of things to the sticky side to create interesting collages or backgrounds for cards. I've also found that the overhead projector acetate you can run through your printer is wonderful stuff to print out stamp images on and work with as if it were cold laminate. This material is so much fun to work with I even offer a Whiskey Creek Plate Sampler so you can test run my stamp images. So, on to the gallery and the samples of Whiskey Creek Stamps on acetate!

In the Whiskey Creek catalog review in the November issue of Vamp Stamp News, I mentioned that I was working on bringing a set of Shakespeare's women out in acetate. These are now ready to ship!

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