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Modern Medicine:

What You're Dying to Know

by Dr. Alan R. Lindemann with Diane Haugen

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There are all kinds of books about what's wrong with our American health care system, but few the consumer can understand and fewer still that provide specific steps for consumers to to take to help them get the kind of health care they need and want.

With over 20 years of experience providing patient-centered care, Dr. Lindemann provides compelling narratives illustrating the kinds of problems our health care system creates in delivering appropriate, humane care to those who need it. Each chapter consists of a discussion of the problem area, narratives, and guidelines for consumers on how to approach problematical situations.

Five general areas within our health care system are analyzied: big business, managed care, insurance, the nursing shortage, and liability. A final chapter discusses the hoped-for outcome of any health care system: quality health care for all.

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Treat the Patient, Not Just the Symptom

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