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Excerpts from

The Animal-Wise Tarot

by Ted Andrews

Major Arcana Card XVIII (The Moon): The Wolf

Wolves are the epitome of the wild spirit with so many positive characteristics that it is no wonder many peoples practically deified them. When wolves appear, they are always a reminder to listen to our own intuition. Wolves are alert to the subtlest of changes within their environments and teach us to trust our intuitive guidance, and by doing so, they become our guardians and guides.

Wolves have a complex communication system comprised of body language and vocalizations. Wolves teach us to empower our verbal communicaiton with approporiate body language and vice versa. When wolves appear, our communications become stronger, and the communications of others becomes clearer. We recognize undertones and body signals that may not reflect what we are actually hearing. Trust your impression at these times because this is part of what Wolf teachers us when it appears.

Wolves have extremely keen senses. The sense of smell has been estimated at 100 times greater than that of humans. Their hearing is more powerful, and they have the capability of hunting through only the sense of smell and hearing. This is a reminder that our own senses are becoming sharper and we should trust our inner thoughts. Our intuition and psychic abilities are heightening tremendously.

Now is the time to rely more on our own insight than that of others. Changes are occuring even though they have not shown themselves in the physical world. Some of the changes and our initial recognition of them will come through dreams.

Wolves are social creatures. Each has its role and place within the pack. The ritualistic behaviors that establish wolf rank are part of wolf's magic, but also what makes the pack so powerful. They watch over each other even while fulfilling their individual roles.

Wolf teaches us to hear our iner voice and guard us from inappropriate actions. When Wolf shows up, it is time to trust our inner guidance in finding our own new path and in talking control of our life. Wolf tells us that there will be guidance and protection as we take up our new journeys.


The wolf has extreme intelligence and goes out of its way to avoid trouble and danger. With Wolf in reverse position, we may not be seeing things as they really are and our judgments may be off. This is not a time to let our imagination run away with us. By maintaining control, watching and moving more cautiously, we will avoid problems.

In reverse, Wolf tells us not to take risks at this time because it is possible to misujnderstand and minsinterpret out inner guidance more easily right now and we may not be able to trust the guardianship of our intuition. A wolf's sense of family and loyalty is strong. In reverse, we may need to examine our own loyalties and the loyalties of others around us more closely.

Questions to Ask:

Are we being clear in our communications? Are others: Are we responding, even though the communications and intuition is unclear? Are we being too sensitive right now? Are we allowing our fears to prevent us from stepping out into new directions?

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