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by Ted Andrews

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Discover the Animal within You!

The sheer beauty and power of wild animals fill us with wonder. Our heart jumps. Our breath catches. Our pulse races. We feel the touch of God within nature and upon our soul. But what is often missing is the understanding.

One of Nature's greatest gifts is her endless willingness to teach us about our possibilities and ourselves. With Animal-Wise, you will understand the wonders and beauty of animals more intimately. You will understand their hidden language. You will begin to realize that every creature mirrors the magnificence of your own soul. You will recognize animals as messengers of the Divine.

The early shamans, priests, and priestesses were scientists as well as mystics. They studied the plants and aniamls, learning their characteristics and qualities. They also honored the spirit expressed in and through them. When we realize that our learning and guidance comes from sources other than human, our world is no longer the same. It becomes filled with new possibilities.

In the world around us is a myriad of wonders. Through the animal kingdoms -- through the multitude of wonders found within Nature -- we experience renewal. Every sojourn into Nature, every animal encounter, offers an epiphany for the heart and soul. And if only for a little while, let us open our heart to it and see what glories unfold!

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