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More Simplified Magic: Pathworking and the Tree of Life

by Ted Andrews

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Experience Ancient Magic and Mysticism!

This is a magickal time to be living. Mysticism and spirituality are melding with psychology, physics, biology, and other sciences. It is a time when ancient myths and teachings are being brought to life for everyone within new scenarios.

From the authro of the best selling book Simplified Magic comes its long-awaited sequel. Explore the teachings of the ancient Qabala with the one teacher who makes it understandable to all. Rediscover the wonder, awe, and power of the divine within the world today. Awaken to your spiritual path.

The Qabala is a map through the labyrinth of life, for looking into ourselves for our answers, our magick, and our miracles. It is a guide to the well fo truth that lies within, a path to the Holy of Holies -- to an epiphany of life!

Table of Contents.

Entering the Tree of Life.

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