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Constance from Shakespeare's King John looked good with my favorite shade of green, but we had another one of those "there's never a mistake in stamping, only a creative opportunity" moments here.

I like to crimp paper and running metallic embroidery thread along the gullies in straight lines, leaving the ends dangling from top to bottom. No, I can't tell you why I find this so appealing.

Gluing the thread into the gullies is a pain. You have to hold the metallic thread taught until the glue dries or it will twist and your lovely straight line becomes a snake. And anyway, I always managed to get too much Bond 527 in places and wound up with shiny welts here and there.

So, we're doing acetate and cold laminate here. Why not just press the parallel threads of gold into the sticky side of cold laminate? Seemed like a winner to me. But there were no longer any gullies to help me keep the lines straight.

And the Pearl Ex didn't stick very well to the cold laminate so I couldn't get the color just right. When I added enough Perfect Paste Adhesive to hold the PearlEx, the threades started to loosen from the laminate. As you can see, feathers cover a multitude of sins.

Katerhine was created from the image printed on overhead acetate, the same type I use in printing the Whiskey Creek Plate Sampler.

Constance from Shakespeare's King John



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