Treasures of the Unicorn:

The Return to the Sacred Quest

by Ted Andrews

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Excerpt from Chapter 2

Sacred Secrets

The unicorn is part of the world of nature and part of the world of dreams -- and completely of the heart. In many ways, it is a symbol of our longing for the mysterious and the unattainable. The search for the unicorn and its secrets is identical to the Quest for the Holy Grail -- the search for our true essence and the means to express it within our lives.

The unicron holds the knowledge of alchemy. It can stimulate healing, and it's mere presence awakens purity of the heart. It holds the key to the mysteries of sexuality -- physical and spiritual, teaching the strength of gentleness, curing the loss of innocence, freeing the imagination, and heralding a new beginning.

From the reaches of antiquity, the unicron has been a relatively solitary and inaccessible creature, with most sightings of one animal and occasionally two or three. Appearing alone has added to the unicorn's mystique and contributed to our perception of it as a magickal and extraordinary creature. Despite the unicorn's elusiveness, there are ways of increasing the possibility of an actual encounter. The more we come to understand the unicorn, its behaviors, and its habitats, the more likely we are to encounter one.

Unicorns are difficult to see. They live at the edges of the mind and in the corners of the eyes. They are often sighted near waterfalls and in meadows of flowers -- especially at dawn, while the dew remains upon the grass. They can also be seen during the wondrous time of twilight, as if bathing in the last sprays of sun in preparation for the moonlight dance.

The unicron belongs to the Faerie Realm, the enchanted place of wonder that intersects with out own world at so many levels. Some say this place and all its many creatures is only imaginary, merely the "stuff of fiction." These sad statements often reflect a fear of life and its myriad wonders. In a universe as vast as ours, there are many forces, dimensions, and beings that we neither recognize nor understand. To deny these possibilties reflects a life without wonder. There will always be those who fear anything outside of their closed life, and unfortunately, what one fears, one will often deny and try to destroy....

Many have been touched by the unicorn's magic without ever truly realizing it. For some, there have been real life encounters, encounters that heralded transformations. Many others have had a life-long fascination with unicorns through story, art, and even dreams, an interest no less significant than a real life encounter! Unfortunately, few know how to decipher and enhance this relationship. Few know how to progress to the next step.

Even if considered only a symbol, the unicron generates tremendous power and energy, the image embodying great magic, mysticism, and wonder. On one level, the unicorn serves as an archetype, "a matrix or a key image which gives shape and direction to energies arising out of the primal source of all being." (R.J. Stewart, The Underworld Initiation, Aquarian Press, 1985, pl. 92).

Archetypes are universal, reflecting a primal energy pattern. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, symbols and images reflect an archetypal energy at play within out lives. When we work with archetypes, we are lead back to our own primal source. The journey becomes part of the sacred quest.

Carl Jung spoke of archetypes as part of the "collective unconscious," something we all share. The fact that images and tales of the unicorn are found within most major cultures of the world lends even more validity to the unicorn being an archetypal image. All archetypal images are magickal when we use them as symbols of spiritual significance. The greater the significance we attach to the image, the gerater the power and magick it will hold.

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