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Treasures of the Unicorn:

The Return to the Sacred Quest

by Ted Andrews

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Journey to the Realm of Wonder

There is still a place where enchantment lives -- where streams sing and winds whisper. Where caverns lead to nether realms. Where trees speak and flowers tell tales. Where unicorns dance in the morning dew.

Unicorns are born in complete seclusion, without fear and with a great love of play. They enjoy flowers and wild blackberries and raspberries. They understand the language of all animals, and they can detect the softest whisper. They have a great gentleness and a complete lack of guile.

The alicorn or horn is the unicorn's most outstanding and magical aspect. It can purify and heal, and it can even detect poisons. It will open the most tightly closed heart, and it is a symbol for sexuality and fertility. It holds the power of healing and transformation.

  • Discover the reality of the unicorn.

  • Awaken your perceptions through the unicorn.

  • Learn the habitats, behaviors, and animal companions to the unicorn.

  • Invoke the unicorn energy through dance, tales, and ceremony.

  • Open to the power of the dragon and phoenix.

  • Stimulate greater clairvoyance.

  • Learn where to look and how to recognize the unicorn's presence.

  • Amplify your healing abilities.

  • Develop greater contact with the entire Faerie Realm of life.

  • Strengthen astral flight and dream activity.

  • Open to the mysteries of sexuality (physical and mystical).

  • Uncover mysteries of plants, herbs, and trees.

    The sacred quest of the unicorn is the seeking of our lost wonder, and the secret to all sacred quests is that those who seek will find what they seek.

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    Sacred Secrets.

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