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Well, I know the beads made Katherine into a shaker card, but I just loved the colors of those things. Celedon green. Burgundy. So I just had to try this bead thing again. But I was a little more careful with the beads this time. Not quite so many. More artrully arranged -- not puddled in the middle of her face or anything.

Well, the beads still keep the acetate from gluing down well to the background paper but at least this time around the beads are simply sprinkling out from around the edges, not pouring out. Some of them actually seem to have gotten stuck down with the glue.

Would I recommend doing this again. I think not. These beads are just too hard to keep track of, and as far as I can tell, don't stick at all to the laminate adhesive and very poorly to the acrylic glue.

Desdemona was created from the image printed on overhead acetate, the same type I use in printing the Whiskey Creek Plate Sampler.

Desdemona from Othello

For some reason I felt that the Whiskey Creek Sleeping Cat with Mouse stamp needed to be hiding, so I created a green vellum card to tuck the stamped image into.

Sleeping Cat with Mouse


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